I love Jesus with all my heart, soul and mind. He has never given up on me, I come as I am, a mess quite often. He forgives me, I don’t have to perform for Him. I choose to live for Him by my own free will. Why? Because I’ve tried life without Him and it just plain sucks. Trust me, you’ll be much better with Him and we can only serve one God.

I love that He is forming in me a perfect plan, He’s had it for quite some time but due to my humanness I’ve not discovered it yet. How exciting! I love worshiping Him. I love music, prayer, quietness before Him. It’s out of desperate prayers that I learn to cling to Him.

I love that He is always in control, that He smiles down on me.

My Husband.

I love you baby! I feel so honored and so blessed to be your wife! God’s plan is good.

He is romantic, a melancholy character with much more calmness than I’ll ever be able to attain. A man of strong faith and an abundance of patience.  A man who respects me and sees me as his equal and yet offers protection. A hard worker who sometimes puts play before work which is good because it makes me take time to play. 🙂

A man whom I cannot wait to have babies with and share a family…in God’s perfect timing.

My Family.

I love my family! Both my biological family and my in-laws. First, I’m so blessed to have a family and secondly to have a family that gets along! We love spending time together, camping, game nights, cookouts, hiking and sharing memories while making more. My family has been loving and supportive of the many things I’ve taken them through. They’ve been picture of Jesus to me and for that I am thankful. I’m excited to watch our family grow.

My Friends.

Friends are special people who aren’t family so they can say things that family can’t. You might get mad at each other but not for long. Good friends are there for good, they don’t walk out when it gets rough. I have a lot of those and I’m very blessed. Shopping, coffee, chatting, praying together…that’s what friends are for.

Things & Places.

I love the outdoors, almost anywhere. Traveling, experiencing new cultures. Shopping, reading, exercising, scrapbooking memories, a date night with my husband to a local restaurant with good organic food. A stop for a treat at an organic ice cream shop is one of my top favorites but very seldom as I never seem to feel to well after consuming dairy.

Love spending time with my grandmothers who continue to teach me and pray for me. Love connecting with friends over coffee or just me and Jesus having coffee. Love spending hours in bookstores browsing or hours in a kitchen store full of wonderful gadgets that honestly just take up too much room in my kitchen. Love spending hours in my kitchen creating something new and delicious. Love sharing those new things on my blog with you.

Love, Sheila


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