My Testimony on Health and Healing

Disclaimer: I share my own experience to inform others and encourage healthy choices. I pray that it will inspire healthy change in your life! I do NOT share this to advise you of choices you should make. We all need to make choices that are best for our bodies and our families. I am NOT against conventional doctor’s but have simply found the need to explore other options for my health and the health of my family. If you feel that you have a medical condition or a health concern, please seek advice from a natural path or a medical doctor. That being said, please take the time to read of my journey! 🙂

I’ve always been active and healthy though I spent quite a number of my teenage years living my own life selfishly. I made many a choice that threatened my life but I hit “rock bottom” shortly after I turned 21 and turned to Jesus. He restored my life “brought me from the pit” and I felt the need to learn more about my body being a temple for God. I read plenty of nutrition books and articles and spent a number of years working for Curves for Women-a fitness club just for women. I taught classes on weight management and taking care of our bodies. I thought I was healthy and “fit”.

Eventually, I was engaged to be married to a wonderful man but we decided we would like to have a few years to get to know each other better before we had children. I went to my medical Dr. whom I had known for quite some time and sincerely trusted. I felt I had good questions and she had good answers and so finally decided on using birth control, more specifically, the Nuva Ring.

At the age of 28, 2 years after we had married, I started having breathing difficulties. It started slowly at first but worsened causing me to feel faint and dizzy at times. I just couldn’t get a good deep breath! It felt like my diaphragm was stuffed with something, causing it to malfunction! I went to the medical Dr. 2 or 3 times only to be given different inhalers and finally sent to an allergy & asthma specialist. After testing and breathing treatments it was decided that I did not have asthma and they did not have any answers for us.

My conditioned only worsened, I became very weak, balance was becoming difficult, I would try to eat and 20 min. later I was in the bathroom-my food coursing right through me. I lost 20 lbs in a month which was a lot for me. I was so sore in the morning it was difficult to get out of bed; I often went to bed and woke up with heart palpitations and exhaustion. I had chills, sweating, earaches and migraines every day.

My Mom had to come pick me up at work one day to take me to the ER because I could barely walk. They did chest x-rays and many others tests and by all appearance on test results, I “looked healthy”.

At this point one starts to feel like people are thinking it’s all in your head and you’re going crazy!

They sent me to an oncologist where they did numerous blood tests checking for cancer and auto-immune diseases. The Dr. said there were no signs of cancer, which was a relief but there was likely an auto-immune disease of some sort. He could refer me to a specialist but they would only “label” it and give me medication. I did not want to live a life on meds if I could avoid it.

By this time a friend had referred us to a special compound pharmacist who proved to be very knowledgeable in hormones and preferred to use homeopathic methods if possible. We waited a month to get in. Then the truth started to come clear.

I walked into his office and was advised within the first 10min to take a food allergy test and get off my birth control, the Nuva Ring, IMMEDIATELY! He was very concerned of my use of birth control and that it may be the cause of my symptoms. I thought I made a “safe” choice and had asked plenty of questions when I chose this option…now I started to doubt. I remembered how sick I felt to my stomach for the first few weeks I used it. I started thinking this guy might know what he’s talking about. He advised to start a gluten-free diet due to my symptoms. Before we left his office he said what I thought couldn’t possibly be true; “this may take at least a year or more to heal”. 

My Mom took me straight to the grocery store to learn to shop all over again. It wasn’t easy at first; I remember leaning on the cart for support and crying in the store but I knew I had to do something. I was determined not to end up in the hospital.

During this time I met a wonderful chiropractor whom God used to educate me, encourage me and strengthen my back and neck. After about a week of adjustments and exercises, I was migraine free! My body wasn’t as sore and I felt every so slightly stronger. She agreed with the pharmacist and advised a grain-free, dairy-free and sugar-free diet. I have to admit, though I knew this was healthy, it was not what I wanted to do, but again, I changed my diet, drastically this time.

My allergy test came back positive to dairy, gluten, asparagus, pineapple, bananas and oysters. I certainly wasn’t upset about the oysters 🙂 but disappointed to see the conclusion of the rest.

Breathing issues continued to pose a problem so I was referred to a homeopathic nurse. She immediately tested for heavy metals in my body. I had aluminum, cadmium and a trace of a few others. Her orders:

1. Change all your cosmetics-they often contain aluminum (especially deodorant) and are often hormone disruptors and/or cause infertility. Check it out at: 

2. Change your cookware: Use only stainless steel, cast iron, glass, porcelain or ceramic. Never use Teflon, non-stick or aluminum! The metals leach into our food. Check out at: No canned foods as most cans also leach metals (with the exception of Eden Organics). 

3. Eat ONLY hormone free proteins, grass-fed is the best. No, I’m not a vegetarian but YES, animal hormones do have an effect on our bodies, especially when they’re injected with chemical hormones!

4. Change & rid of all toxic cleaning products. I spend much less now on cleaning products than previous and no more headaches and less scrubbing at times! 🙂 Why argue with that?! 🙂

Wow, now this was the biggest change yet. I was given an oral chelation-a supplement used to pull the metals from your bloodstream and within a month I was a different person. My parents noted that I was smiling and had a bit more energy and strength. But this was not the end.

My 2nd visit to the homeopathic nurse revealed a huge problem with my hormones. My body had been torn down so badly from the use of birth control that it was not producing any DHEA on its own. Our bodies must have DHEA to produce progesterone, testosterone, estrogen and other hormones. This issue can cause endless other symptoms that can be treated but will not improve if the hormones are not healing. Oh yes, I have had many days crying and feeling angry. I started taking supplements to rebuild my hormones

We realized I was also allergic to condoms so I visited yet another Dr. who specializes in Natural Family Planning. He requested blood tests to check my hormone levels and unfortunately the supplements were not strong enough. I had almost no testosterone in my body. I started using synthetic hormones to give my hormones a boost. I began learning the Natural Family Planning to avoid pregnancy in order to allow my body time to heal. The Creighton Model Fertility Care system by NaPro Technology proved to be very helpful and informative. Check it out at It’s an amazing method developed by the Catholic Church and widely used in Europe. I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to learn about the incredible ways God designed our bodies!

After about 1 1/2 yrs of fighting to be healthy again, I had a panic attack along with ongoing anxiety. I’ve never experienced such a horrible feeling and had no understanding of what was really going on. Both my medical Dr.’s and homeopathic felt I had been “surviving” for so long mentally and suddenly when things started to look up, my body couldn’t handle it. Again, I used both a medical Dr. and a homeopathic but I had to quit my job through it all. I was not able to drive for 3 months and my whole world felt as if it crumbled completely. My wonderful husband took on side jobs to fill in the income loss from my job. He was rarely home so we moved in with my grandmother for a few months until I was more stable.

It’s been almost 2 1/2 yrs now and I’m still on progesterone, still taking multiple supplements, still having some digestive, breathing and adrenal issues but my hormones are slowly healing. I can sing again in a worship service and usually make it through a whole line before taking a breath!

I am not against medical Dr.’s, I’ve needed them too, but unfortunately they did not offer answers many times and much to our dismay we’ve found they are not usually educated on whole body health or alternatives and often “drug” education comes from the drug reps. I’m just sharing my story to help others become more aware.

A few weeks ago I was spending time praying and very clearly heard God say “today is your day of healing”. I cried, wondering if it was just my own thoughts but in my heart knew God’s voice. I find it quite significant that later that day I had tea with a dear friend and she prayed with me and anointed me with oil. I hadn’t told her what I heard. Two days later I was finally able to tell my husband and he immediately said “well, you heard it, so believe it”. He’s believing with me. It took another week and a half before I was able to share with my family and friends. Why? Because I sound crazy! I know that God said He healed me but I still have symptoms. Not everything changed that day  but “I walk by FAITH not by feeling!”

I’m going to keep believing and asking God to remove the symptoms! I praise Him and thank Him!

Thank you to my husband, family and friends for believing and praying with us!

Love, Sheila


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