Iced Tea or Water?

Iced Tea…Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter!

Yes, I know, it’s not exactly ice tea weather although we’ve had some really warm days with plenty of sunshine, but I drink water all the time and sometimes I just need something with a good flavor! Shake it up a bit, you know? 🙂 My evening ritual  almost always includes some sort of hot tea and on occasion a hot cocoa but tea is usually the drink of choice. And the options are endless!

My favorite is fresh dried peppermint from my grandma or mom’s garden. We’ve been drying peppermint tea as long as I can remember and it doesn’t get any fresher than that!

In the summer peppermint tea is steeped from fresh leaves and gives a wonderfully potent flavor. It’s iced and often lots of sugar is added.  When I get a craving for fresh tea in the summer I add a little liquid stevia and maybe a few teaspoons of fresh honey. I don’t miss the sugar anymore and it’s so much better for us to drink!

Back to options…my tea tray includes:

Chamomile-good for relaxing, bedtime and pms cramps

Green Tea-wonderful antioxidants and good for your skin

Lemon Echinacea Throat Coat-the name says it all

Chia Spice-good antioxidants

Wisniowa by Malwas-one box which I am unable to read the label very well because I found it in my Ukrainian friends shop this summer! But, I can read the ingredients: aronia (or chokeberries), rowan (a bitter fruit used in Britain as a jelly to accompany meats), apple, rose hip, elderberry, cherry, hibiscus flower, red currant. Packed with flavor, color and antioxidants you can’t resist!

This tea makes a tasty and beautiful red tea full of bursts of fruit flavors and is perfect over ice! A little stevia to sweeten and a wonderful change from my boring water! 🙂

Iced Tea

3 Tb loose leaf tea or 3 tea bags

1 qt. boiling water

1 qt. cold water or 1/2 qt. + 10 ice cubes

12 drops liquid stevia

Prepare your tea bags or loose tea in a mesh strainer. Pour boiling water over and let steep 5-7 min. Remove tea leaves and add cold water. Refrigerate for an hour before serving. Add ice if you wish and enjoy!

Try experimenting with any tea you wish. You’ll find there’s plenty more to drink than just water! And, if you really don’t’ like tea, try a few slices of lime, lemon or orange in your water! 🙂


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