My Dirty Dishes

Oh how I love clean dishes…

Funny how God asks such small things of us and they seem so big to us to give up sometimes.

See, I have this thing with dirty dishes. I like to have the counter, the sink and the stove top sparkling clean, the dishwasher loaded and the pot and pans drying. This has been part of my evening routine for 4 years. Not every night but 362 days out of 365.

But this is what I thought is best for me. I’m keeping up with my responsibilities as a wife, cooking and cleaning and caring and serving my family through household chores. Most of the time I enjoy these things so it hasn’t really been a burden or something I dread. Have I ever really prayed about this? No.

I’m not sure what prompted the dirty dish issue but God has been working to remove the “stuck on crud “in my life lately and there’s a lot of it. So, somewhere in my day a little while back God told me to leave the dishes…and leave them every night rinsed, in the sink for at least 12 days. I may wash them in the morning, but I MUST wait until the morning.

What???!!! No! Surely that wasn’t God! Well, it wasn’t me! And why would the enemy care to tell me something of the sort?

Finally, after a few days I told God, “ok, I’ll do it because You asked”.

It’s been almost 10 days and guess what? Do you know how absolutely freeing it has been? Just for fun on the weekend, I left them set an extra day! 🙂

The first night we rinsed the dishes and put leftovers away and I sat down with my husband to spend the evening reading and communicating! And you know, it’s not that you can’t talk and clean the kitchen but we’re much more focused on our conversations when we’re sitting together. It was a pleasure.

On the busy nights where dinner is rushed because we have an appointment or schedule to follow, I don’t stress over the dirty dishes. Why? Because, guess what? The dishes will still be there in the morning! And you may say, “exactly! That’s why I do them every night!” but I say, exactly, that’s why it’s ok to leave the dirty dishes sometimes. 🙂

I’ve discovered that it’s ok to rest, to relax, to leave the dirty dishes. And besides, I’m very thankful I have dirty dishes because it means we are blessed enough to have food on our table. Thank You God.

I sincerely hope that if you’ve almost never tried it…that tonight…you have a “dirty dish” evening and that you even try it for more than one night. Seriously, it won’t hurt anyone! 🙂

God bless your dirty dishes.

Love, Sheila


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